We had a another super holiday at The Star Castle again this year, with wonderful food and pleasant company.
Sorry it's taken a while, but that's it - they're all done !
Hope you enjoy them !

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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Think that this is Morning Point - as we walk around The Garrison
The new Porthcressa Shelter - housing the Tourist Information Centre and somewhere to sit with a wonderful view if the weather isn't kind.  It was just opened before we arrived.
This Norfolk Pine in a garden below the walls, has suffered a bit from the Winter winds


  1. hello, great pics! just to let you know the registry office is at the opposite end of porthcressa, in another new building with the library right at end of beach. it is the last building and a fabulous place to be wed , what views !

    1. Thanks for the info. I'll alter it !
      The new buildings do look really super and the views are spectacular - just a pity that so much of the old Porthcressa gardens etc was lost. Sue