We had a another super holiday at The Star Castle again this year, with wonderful food and pleasant company.
Sorry it's taken a while, but that's it - they're all done !
Hope you enjoy them !

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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

10th June - We arrive !

We had a lovely calm trip on Scillonian III  and as usual it felt quite warm as we walked down the gang-plank. Here is the familiar sight of the Off Island boats lining up to load their luggage direct from SCIII
This nice French boat was just arriving
Rather a grey view down into the harbour from the steps of The Star Castle as we arrive to check in

Tuesday 11th June

Not a great start to the day - cloud and mist as Jim took the dogs out for their early morning walkies
The Ponies that belong to The Wildlife Trust came running over to the electric fence to check out the dogs - after a few days they realised that they took no notice of them and ignored us as we walked past
Small but exclusive (I gather!) cruise ship Islalnd Sky was just about visible
By the time we had eaten breakfast and got ready to go out, the fog was clearing and Island Sky was in the clear !
and Hangman Island and Bryher were clearly visible
Looking over a wonderfully pink (with Thrift)  Annet, to Bishop Rock Lighthouse
Always love to look over to St Agnes - so sad that we never got over there this time !
Guiding Star on her way over to St Agnes
Guiding Star is the oldest launch currently in operation within St. Mary's Boatmen's Association. Built in 1933 by Percie Michell in Portloe near Mevagissy, Cornwall, this boat is of Carvel construction and has been in the Badcock family for 42 years.
Think that this is Morning Point - as we walk around The Garrison
The new Porthcressa Shelter - housing the Tourist Information Centre and somewhere to sit with a wonderful view if the weather isn't kind.  It was just opened before we arrived.
This Norfolk Pine in a garden below the walls, has suffered a bit from the Winter winds
A panorama of the harbour as we walk through Hugh Town
Flag Iris along The Lower Moors Nature Trail as we make our way to Old Town
Seemed to be lots of Eels in the stream 
The reflections of the trees onto the water make taking photos of them very tricky
Looking back over to Tolman Cafe - home of the best Coffee & Walnut cake on the Islands !
Panorama of Old Town Bay as we start to walk up to Peninnis
Wonderful sky as we walk along

Cuckoo & Rock Pippit

Had never seen this before - some difference of opinion as to whether this is a Cuckoo chick with its surrogate "mother" the Rock Pippit,
or whether it is a female looking to lay an egg in the Rock Pippit's nest - but looking closely I think I can see a hint of a yellow gape on the Cuckoo - but perhaps I'm imagining it !
They flew off
Not a great landing
For many years we have tried to get a photo of the dogs on top of Peninnis - Wooster wasn't too bad, but his stance was a little too "heroic" for my liking !
But Tilly just wasn't interested !
Looking over Hugh Town as we make our way down
So lovely to see the Thrift still in flower - due to the cold Spring, they're usually all finished when we arrive on Scilly

Definitely Llamas

We stood chatting to a couple on one of the seats - then hearing a noise, looked up !
Two Llamas checking us all out !
Nice view looking over the end of Gugh to St Agnes
Porthcressa Beach
We got back to The  Garrison just as Scillonian III was executing her "handbrake turn" exit from the quay

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Le Grand Lejon

This French vessel arrived in St Mary's just as we did on SCIII.
Built in 1992 Le Grand Lejon is from Brittany, she is a replica of a Baie de St. Brieuc fishing Lugger from the end of the 19th and start of the 20th Century - thanks Robin
Since the weather wasn't good, we had wandered down into Hugh Town and walked along the Quay to take a look
Pity she's not a genuine old boat, but she was obviously built by craftsmen

Looking towards Peninnis

The nasty wind pushing the waves up onto Peninnis

The Garrison Black Rabbits

The rain stopped later in the afternoon, so we took the dogs out for a walkies, where we had our f irst sighting of the famous Black Rabbits
Tilly checking with Wooster - whether or not they're going to bother to chase them

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A bit wild

Looking out towards the Western Rocks as we set off to walk out to Juliet's Garden and then further around St Mary's

Firethorn & Voyager

Bryher Boats, Firethorn heading out of the harbour
and Voyager of St Martin's heading in

Grey clouds

Rather more clouds as we set off through Hugh Town and past the super view of the harbour

Here she comes !

As we sat at Juliet's Garden drinking our coffee, Scillonian III appeared on the other side of the narrow part of Hugh Town
Star Castle across on the other side of the bay - with our room on the far left hand side in the garden

Looking back along the coast towards the harbour

Wonderful views

Stunning views all the way along the footpath

Turquoise sea

Sea Ambulance the Star of Life splashing her way back to St Mary's